“Shii Shii!”

Martha ``La Cuki`` Hinojosa

Martha “La Cuki” Hinojosa is an extrovert, cheerful and very funny radio host. “La Cuki” was born in Monterrey, México; where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication from the Universidad de Monterrey. She started her career in the same city in 2005.

“La Cuki” has participated in community and special events. She has worked on voice overs for different radio shows as well as recorded commercials for important brands, for both radio and television in Mexico and the US.

She is currently part of the lineup for Digital 101.5 FM. With her authenticity and passion for radio, she is a daily delight that connects with the audience in the Rio Grande Valley.


Aspirations: To continue to grow professionally.

Interests: I love to make desserts and sing!

“If I were an Emoji I would be:” 🤩

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