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South Texas Premiere Audio Company


Radio United is a  multimedia company that specializes in audio and digital strategies for local and regional businesses all across South Texas and Mexico. We are built around a cohesive and creative group of hard-working team members who are passionate about helping advertisers reach more consumers through radio, digital and social media platforms effectively and efficiently.


Radio United has been committed to bringing positive influences to the community while successfully reaching audiences across the valley through quality content and strong values. Over the years, it has expanded into a variety of formats featuring Tejano, Country, News Talk, Top 40, Adult Contemporary, Regional and International Latin Pop music.

Radio United  is also a sales representative for US and foreign stations



We strive to produce quality content for our valued clients through our knowledge and creativity in media and technology.


Our employees are comfortable and confident in taking on everyday challenges and trust their ideas will be listened to.


Our team embraces creative minds, humor and having fun while we all work together towards a common goal.


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U.S. Phone (956) 992-8895  /  Mx Phone (899) 300428 & (899) 930-0080 

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