Digital ad placement

We offer a variety of products for your advertising needs.
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Social Media

Posts and videos across all social media platforms.

Web banners

Banners displayed in the official websites of Radio United's radio stations.

App banners

A variety of banner sizes, displayed across the Radio Para Mi app (Radio United multi-station app).

Streaming Spots and Pre-rolls

Spots run in station's streaming. Pre-roll videos run before streaming begins.
*May run along with a companion banner.

Alexa Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls run before enabled station's streaming begins in an Alexa device.
*certain stations only

Display enhanced ad banners

Ad sets displayed on third-party websites to a particular audience.


Banners appear by location on third-party apps.

SMS Messaging

Text blasts and campaigns sent to all our subscribers.

Enhanced Email

Enhanced email combines the power of email marketing with digital marketing strategies to optimize your campaign.

OTT/Connected TV

Target your most valued consumers while they stream their favorite programming with traditional TV.

Paid Search (PPC/SEM)

Increase visibility in search engine results pages through paid advertising.


Reach drivers by displaying your message in their car's in-dash digital receiver.


  • Post graphics can be posted in social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Live Videos are broadcasted by our talent from local or remote locations to promote businesses or special events.
  • Prerecorded Video Posts can be posted in our social media outlets.
  • Geofilters make it easy for Snapchat users to send your message or promote your business to their followers.



  • Web Sliders Placed in the homepage of each station’s website and has a high- impact real estate value.
  • Web Ad Banners (large & medium)
    Large banners are placed in the top of each station’s website homepage beneath the web header and have a high- impact real estate value.
    Medium banners are placed in the right side column of each station’s website.
  • Pop Up Banners
    Appear first as the station’s website launches. (not shown)

  • The Carousel is placed in the top of each mobile app and has a high- impact real estate value.
  • Floor ads stick on bottom of the window.
  • In-Player and Interstitial (or full screen banners) appear at natural transition points in the stream player without interrupting content.
    These units are placed in the media player when pressing play, pausing a stream, or when stopping a stream.


  • Pre-Roll videos run along with a companion banner (300x250px) before a streaming session begins on station stream player. Companion banner may include click-through link.
  • Companion banners may also accompany an in-stream ad commercial during a user’s streaming session.


Pre-Roll spots run at the beginning of a streaming session in an Alexa device.
*Alexa skills enabled stations: La Ley 102.5, KURV 710, Hot 106.1, Super Tejano 102.1



Display Advertisements can be viewed on mobile or web display within a designated virtual barrier by using geotargeting, or geofencing.

Ad options:
• Standard Display Package (Set of 6 ad banners)
• Target Display Pre-Roll
• In-Banner Video
• LBA: GeoVideo



A predefined area around a specific location. Ads are only served to consumers inside the fence. Verifiable location targeting with GPS services.
Eliminates wasted circulations with day-parting delivery.

Engage consumers through mobile as they are near or around businesses or key points of interest. Ads are served through mobile apps and mobile websites.



Can be combined with on-air, on-site and other digital solutions to optimize the impact of your advertising campaigns with state-of-the-art performance guarantees.

This new email offering allows you to hyper-target your audience where they are engaged most and drive these customers to your website using a layered approach of email marketing as a foundation boosted by sponsored Gmail and Yahoo email ads with guaranteed and box placement.

Enhanced email combines the power of email marketing with digital marketing strategies to optimize your campaign.



CTV (Connected TV) devices connect your TV screen to the internet, whether by stick, fire stick, dongle, hockey puck, gaming cube, or even a connection built into the TV itself. These devices connect to all kinds of premium without a cable subscription, allowing cord cutters and streamers to either replace or supplement their traditional cable bundle.



Pay Per Click/Search Engine Marketing – Increase visibility in search engine results pages through paid advertising



RDS (radio data system) allows us to embed small amounts of digital information in conventional FM radio broadcasts.


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