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Tia Amanda

Tía Amanda comes from a small town in the state of Morelos, México. She has 14 children and when she found out that her nephew, Hector “El Zorro”, had arrived the U.S. she decided to follow her own American dream. Tía Amanda took a bus and crossed the border, arriving Houston, TX. After many nights of sleeping under bridges in the city, a DJ from “La Raza 98.5” hires her for the department of maintenance in the station but suddenly, thanks to her friendliness and good sense of humor, Tía Amanda becomes a morning show host for 5 years. Tía Amanda then continues the search of her nephew Hector “El Zorro” and finally finds him being the successful host of “El Zorro y su Pandilla” in La Ley 102.5 FM.

Tia Amanda is a character portrayed by Miguel Flores. His first start in radio began with Lieberman Broadcasting, working with the promotions department. Years later, they gave Flores the opportunity that many hope to have on the air… His love for making impressions (respectfully) of old people in the show lead to the creation of the character “Tia Amanda”.


Aspirations: To continue doing what I like to do, which is radio. One of my dream goals of many is to be On Air nationally or in other major cities.

Interests: I enjoy comedy movies of the Mexican cinema.

“If I were an Emoji I would be:” 🎧

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